ATTENTION: Calling All Paleo Enthusiasts

“How To Create Mouth Watering Paleo Meals From Scratch in 20 Minutes Or Less By Following A Step-By-Step Cooking Masterclass That Will Make You Look Like A Pro…You’ll Never Eat The Same Again

Paleo Chef Reveals How You Can Take Your Results To The Next Level In Your Kitchen

From: Paleo In A Kitchen

Dear Paleo Enthusiast,

Whether you’re new to paleo or have been following it for some time, this may be one of the most important pages you’ll ever read because I’m going to give you the cooking skills to be able to completely change the way you eat.

Now if you’re like the majority of athletes I speak to then you are probably sick and tired of having to search the bookstores and online message boards looking for new easy to make paleo recipes and meals, correct?

What if I told you that there is a simple way for you to think up whatever it is you so desire and be able  to make a paleo dish completley from scratch?

With this kind of information you’ll never have to eat the same meals again – unless of course you want to that is ;-)

Imagine how easy it would be to stick to your paleo diet if you had the power to create whatever meal it is you fancy without having to spend hours and hours in your kitchen. That’s why I’m going to…

Turn You from Recipe Follower to a Fully-Fledged Paleo Cook…

I’ll promise you that within the next 30 days you’ll…

  • Cook quick and easy meals that taste fantastic and have your friends begging for the recipe
  • Never risk falling off the wagon as you’ll have endless food choices
  • Avoid “paleo” boredom and actually be excited to eat your next meal
  • Break those bad cooking habits and become an expert yourself
  • Save on your food bill by not wasting ingredients that should be eaten


You see… there’s a big difference between being able to put together a paleo meal from a recipe and then being able to CREATE mouth watering MEALS from ingredients that you buy on a regular basis.

There’s a BIG MISCONCEPTION that Paleo is hard to follow.

Honestly, for the majority that’s true, IF you don’t have basic cooking skills under your belt.

Just think if you could fill your kitchen with ingredients and have the 100% confidence that you could create an absolutely delicious meal that would satisfy yourself, your family & your friends and make your food the center of conversation around the dining table…

Well now you can…

Introducing Paleo In A Kitchen, The Ultimate Caveman Cooking Masterclass

My name is Justin Lord and I’ve been a paleo chef for 10 years now. I’ve gone from someone who was awful at cooking, to within just a few weeks completely flipping my knowledge of how to cook upside down… the result?

  • I don’t fear the kitchen and actually get excited as I WANT to cook
  • Shopping for food and ingredients is FUN and has become one of my favorite things to do
  • I NEVER have to follow a recipe, I can just ‘grab and build’ creating some of the most unique and delicious dishes
  • Following the Paleo diet has become effortless as it’s so varied and completely natural when you can cook anything you want


You can be exactly the same as me… if you learn the basic skills that I’m going to share with you in my cooking masterclass, turning you from paleo beginner into the chef in your home. In fact you could be enjoying your very first food creation by the end of TODAY.

How can I do this and be confident of this?

Because I’ve taught many what I’m about to share with you and after seeing the results they have got for themselves (and tasted what it is they have made) I’m positive that this premium product will change you forever.

So, all that is left is for you to accept the following challenge…

What Is The 30 Day Paleo Masterclass Challenge?

Here’s how it works…

Over the next 30 days or in most cases sooner, you’re going to watch at least 3 of my cooking class videos per day. Now there’s currently over 70+ cooking classes waiting for you so you won’t be stuck for choice. But don’t worry I’ve made this short and to the point so you can easily digest and apply the information in the fastest time possible.

Plus you can watch them at you own pace in your spare time and catch up if you miss a day or two.

And just to make sure you get off on the right foot I’ve even included some of my own favorite recipes to give you a head start.

I guarantee By the end of the 30 days you will have TRANSFORMED your Paleo cooking around and be able to build your own meals.

Why Can I Promise You Such Good Results?

Because the difference between Paleo In A Kitchen and any other paleo products and recipe web sites out there is that I’m going to give you the FUNDAMENTALS that build your knowledge in a completely different way that’s easy to learn, all on video directly accessible from any computer.

Most recipe courses are taught in book format that is hard to learn from, and quite frankly finding Paleo specific cooking courses up until now has been IMPOSSIBLE to find.

But today I’ve decided to open up the doors to my premium cooking masterclass just for you.  In the past I’ve only ever taught this in a  1-1 setting costing my clients hundreds per hour.

Over 70 Videos In Your Masterclass Training Library…













FREE VIDEO 1: How To Make Delicious Paleo Pasta In 10 Minutes

FREE VIDEO 2: Awesome Cuban Marinade

You’ll have so much information at your disposal you won’t be able to fail at cooking with variety, being fast, making paleo interesting, saving money, branching out of your normal ingredient selections that may be BORING you at the moment.

Paleo In A Kitchen is a completely digital product which you will get FULL ACCESS to immediately after you hit the order button and better still, you’ll be welcomed into a very special VIP community who will be sharing their own recipes, meal ideas, tricks, strategies and more:

This is GOLDEN because you’ll constantly have a stream of paleo friends who will keep you on track and keep you fresh with new ideas, every week.

So, I’ve explained lots of the benefits of Paleo In A Kitchen: Caveman Cooking Masterclass, but I have to warn you…this is NOT for everyone! 

Who Is Paleo In A Kitchen NOT For?

      • You can already make paleo meals quickly and easily
      • Can confidently chop and prepare a wide selection of ingredients
      • Know how to fully stock your paleo cave to maximum effect
      • Have a bank of paleo alternatives to standard foods
      • Somebody else cooks your paleo food and you have NO interest in becoming a cook and feeding yourself.
      • Happy with your current paleo habits and you’re efficient and organized
      • Know how to make paleo cooking fun and interesting

By Investing In My Paleo Cooking Mastery Product You Will:

      • Be confident about cooking up healthy paleo approved meals from scratch
      • Save time by speeding up the process, you’ll stick to Paleo much easier
      • Have a BANK of recipes under your belt with our AMRAP meals selection
      • Break old habits & get the performance & fat loss results you deserve
      • Swap your bland meals for mouth watering selections for the entire family
      • Save money on time saving and ingredient choices, this program will PAY FOR ITSELF
Special Limited Time Bonus Worth $97

If you order the Paleo In A Kitchen Package today, I’m going to throw in my pack of 5 paleo cookbooks and 1-click recipe building software absolutely FREE. The value of this bonus is a huge $97, but yours today on the house!

Included In Your Paleo Recipes Supercharged Bonus Package Worth $97


  • Paleo Smoothie Recipes
  • Paleo Dessert Recipes
  • Paleo Breakfast Recipes
  • Paleo Dinner Recipes
  • Paleo FOD Box Recipes (Lunch Box Combinations)
  • 1 Click FOD Box Builder (hit a button and new recipes are created)
  • 1 Click Smoothier Builder

“My Confidence In Paleo Cooking Has SIGNIFICANTLY Increased”

“After using Paleo In A kitchen (PIK) I have found my confidence in paleo cooking has significantly increased, and the variety and quality of my cooking has gone up. The easy to follow modules along with the Paleo In A Box content has further developed my understanding and knowledge of why I should eat the right things and when I should eat them. All in all a great bit of content that has not only helped my fitness and recovery but my lifestyle and the way I eat which is great. I would recommend this to anyone looking to help aid their performance and broaden their paleo journey!”
Alec Harwood, Crossfit Bath, UK

Our Caveman Strength 60 Day Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with Paleo In A Kitchen: Caveman Cooking Masterclass there’s a full 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t turn around your paleo cooking times, become more confident in the kitchen, have the ability to make delicious meals from scratch and build recipes that EVERYONE loves, you’ll get every penny back. Now that’s a BIG promise, but I’m confident that Paleo In A Kitchen will exceed your expectations… You’re going to LOVE IT!

Yes Justin, I want to transform my paleo cooking skills in just 30 days or less. I understand that by watching your video training (over 70 videos) I will become more confident in the kitchen, make super tasty meals and save so much time, I can spend more time on the things I love. I will get instant access to the entire program today immediately after my purchase. All of the training is delivered online and access is available 24/7. Here’s what you’re getting today:

  • Paleo In A Kitchen: Caveman Cooking Masterclass (Over 70 HD Training Videos)

  • Module 1: How To Stock Your Cave
  • Module 2: How To Chop & Prepare Everything
  • Module 3: How To Use Water
  • Module 4: Ultimate Meat & Fish Guide
  • Module 5: How To Create Awesome Paleo Alternatives 
  • Module 6: Eggcellent Paleo
  • Module 7: Marinades & Rubs To Transform Your Meals
  • Module 8: Super Fast Meals in 20 Mins Or Less
  • Module 9: 4 Minute Energy Power Smoothies

Plus Your Recipes Supercharged Bonus Package Worth $97


Total Package Value $397

WARNING: We Can Not Guarantee That The Price Will Be The Same When You Revisit Next Time, Sorry!

If you’re serious about making your paleo cooking quicker, easier, tastier and more fun then don’t leave this page without investing in Paleo In A Kitchen: Caveman Cooking Masterclass.


Justin Lord

Paleo In A Kitchen Master Chef

PS. Don’t forget, you’re FAR more likely to stick to paleo and enjoy it more when you have the cooking basics down. Otherwise it’s like building a car with no engine. You just won’t move forward. Click here to get started << ===

PPS. Try it for 30 days, go through all of the videos, if you don’t get EXCEPTIONAL value from what you learn you won’t pay a penny. Of course, we’ll get ripped off by a few people here but that’s fine because we know that the MAJOIRTY of those following PIK love it and I’d rather offer you the risk free guarantee to get you excited and taking action to invest in your future. Click Here To Get Started <<

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a recipe system, will I get lots of recipes?

A: While we do deliver recipes within the PIK system, the aim of the Masterclass is to give you the skills to build your own meals so you don’t have to follow recipes. Please don’t expect a huge bank of hundreds of recipes within PIK but there is the featured bonus recipe PDFs and software generators.

Q: I’m an absolute beginner, will this suit me?

Absolutely yes! The basics are covered but all of the videos are very easy to follow so you will pick up everything very quickly and easily.

Q: Do I get access to all of the videos at once?

Yes, all of the videos will be available to you immediately after your purchase. We’ll send you your login details for access.